Superior marine assistance

Risk Based Approach

Every situation in life is not predictable and the results of the consequences at many points lead to new situations. For this reason, as a survey/ consultancy company - Dutch Lloyd, we like to focus on the causes of many problems in the problem solution.

We are looking for radical solutions to problems, not just traditional survey procedures for problem solving, but modern techniques with software support.


Intelligent Network

The solution not only depends on physical support, so we created an intelligent network within Universities, industry and our clients. 

Dutch Lloyd surveyors are able to visit all over the world constantly to meet client requests.


Accurate Technology

Misuse or overuse of the technology has made our life harder while it has to bring solutions for our daily life. We as Dutch Lloyd, aim to use right equipment at adequate place. Such as, we develop drone inspection for ships and inspect the ship with using the ultimate technological equipment.

We are living at age that knowledge is everything. Dutch Lloyd, realize the power of knowledge and inspire the world wide offices to bring innovative solutions.

Our market includes Maritime, Software, Consultancy and Energy.

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