Consultancy for Marine Bussiness

Nowadays, while the inter-country trade is getting better and easier, the boundaries have been lifted and the companies of every size have been able to sell products and services easily. The role of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which provides great benefits to businesses by keeping up with this development, has become indisputable. ISO 9001, which has become a common language of bilateral trade between countries, was first published in 1987 by the "International Standards Organization", which was first established in 1947 and which saw the abbreviated ISO standard at the beginning of every quality management standard. Over the course of the past decade there have been four revisions to the revision, keeping up with the evolving world conditions.

What does ISO 9001 mean, in terms of the quality management system, actually the "Managing Quality" section explains what ISO 9001 is. Therefore, when we refer to the ISO 9001 quality management standard, we have already mentioned that the definition of quality management has been incorporated into the meaning.

Why do we need quality management? In fact, in companies where the ISO 9001 standard is being applied, it can be mentioned instantaneously not the quality management but the flow that is involved in the process. This means that; you will manage the quality of each step as much as the customer from the supplier in order to optimally meet your customer needs.

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