ISO 50001:2011 – Energy Management System

It is an international energy management system standard, codified by ISO 50001, which is published by the International Standards Organization. It is the first global energy management standard published after regional and national standards such as EN16001.
The ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard covers all types of energy.
The ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard is to ensure that organizations create, implement and sustain the processes and systems required to improve energy efficiency.
The ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard can be installed, implemented and documented in any operation, ie tax stamp holders. Regardless of geographical, cultural or social conditions, it has been constructed in a structure suitable for the application of organizations of all types and sizes.
The ISO 50001 standard encourages organizations to make good energy management practices and ensures that good energy management and cost reduction and environmental awareness are documented.
The ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard may change according to the activity, documentation structure, resources and needs of the organization.
ISO 50001 Energy Management System standardization can be applied to all activities with energetic use whose traceability is provided by the organization.

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