Market Reports

Market Reports

Nederlandse Maritieme Markt

Maritieme bedrijven presteerden beter dan de Nederlandse economie in 2017. De toegevoegde waarde van maritieme clusters steeg met 3,3% en de totale werkgelegenheid steeg met 3,2%.

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Turkey Maritime Market Report

Maritime transport can be seen as an essential part of both the EU transport policy to Turkey. Looking at the fact that most of the trade of the states was done by following the course of the sea, it seems that the strengthening and modernization of maritime transport has a strategic precaution. With the implementation of the EU 2018 Seaway Strategy, it has shown its importance for maritime transport and has begun work to improve its infrastructure and maritime sector impact. To increase the container handling capacity of the port with its many innovations and developments have launched a five-year development plans in Turkey and is planning to build new ones.

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