Ship Certifications

Panama Crew Accommodation Certificate

Crew accommodations and other associated spaces have been inspected and we deliver Crew Accommodation Certificate upon found satisfactory according to the regulations in force in the Republic of Panama, including the relevant portion of I.L.O. Convention No. 92 (or 126, in the case of fishing vessels) and the Regulation 3.2 of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.

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BCLC - Bunker Convention 2001

The Bunker Civil Liability Certificate is mandatory for seagoing vessel of 1000 GT or more. To request the certificate please e-mail us:

CLC - Civil Liability Convention 1992 (Tankers)

A certificate attesting that insurance or other financial security is in force shall be issued to each ship carrying more than 2,000 tonnes of oil in bulk as cargo. It shall be issued or certified by the appropriate authority of the State of the ship's registry after determining that the requirements of article VII, paragraph 1, of the CLC Convention have been complied with. To request the certificate please e-mail us:

PAL - Athens Protocol 2002 and Regulation (EC) 392/2009

Vessels licensed to carry more than 12 passengers must have passenger liability (PAL) insurance in the event of accidents. To request the certificate please e-mail us:

NWRC - Nairobi Convention on the Removal of Wrecks 2007

The certificate requirement also applies to foreign ships with a gross tonnage of or above 300. To request the certificate please e-mail us:

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