Ship Registration


Ship registration has been done since business on the seas has been important. Originally meant to control ships carrying cargo in European seaborne countries,it was used to make sure ships were being built in the local country, with crews predominantly of the local country. Since then, ship registration has been used to document ships for ownership. Documentation provides definite evidence of nationality for international purposes and provides financing opportunities with the availability of preferred mortgages on documented vessels.


Panama Ship Registry

The Panama Registry is in charge of managing the world´s largest ship registry, with over 8,000 registered vessels which accounts for 222.1  GRT, representing 18% of the world fleet. 


Mongolia Ship Registry

The landlocked developing Mongolia  became a member state of International Maritime Organization in 1996 and acceded to 29 international agreements, conventions and protocols in maritime field.

Palau Ship Registry

Palau International Ship Registry offers a new vision of quality in Ship Registration services thriving to provide a full array of registration services following the highest standard of quality, safety and environment protection.


Togolese Ship Registry

With the decision of the Ministry of Transportation of the republic of Togo, to re-structure and expand it’s registry, the company International Registrations Bureau was founded IN 2008

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